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IACrea is perfect for...

  • Highlighting your property by furnishing it
  • Projecting oneself during the visit of a property
  • Visualizing a room after renovations
  • Getting inspired and coming up with decorating ideas

Send a photo of your room, choose a style and get inspired by our suggestions.

Number of photos created since March 2023: 110547

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Original vs IACrea virtual projections

Original photo of a kitchen to be redone
IACrea Scandinavian renovation proposal
Original photo of an empty living room to be furnished
Furnished living room proposal
Overgrown garden
Renovation of an exterior garden or patio by IACrea
Destroyed room, to be renovated
Projection of the living room after renovation by the IACrea application
Layout of a kitchen
Realistic projection of a kitchen redone by IACrea
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Pricing adapted to needs

NB: Our subscription offers can be canceled with a simple click from your client area.

Occasional Need

Single payment for an occasional need. Photos valid for 1 year


excl. VAT
Get my photos


  • 5 photos for redesign (furnishing, renovating, exterior, decluttering...)
  • 60 projections(12 per room)
  • Single payment
  • Commercial use

Home Staging Star

Individual license (individual, agent...)


/month excl. VAT

facturé annuellement, $390

Get my photos


  • Interior renovation unlimited

  • Exterior renovation unlimited

  • Object removal unlimited

  • Decluttering unlimited

  • Blue sky unlimited

  • Enhanced quality unlimited

  • 15 photos of rooms to furnish (16 visuals for each)
  • 20 lead generations
  • No commitment
  • Commercial use
  • 1 individual license


Individual license (individual, agent...)


/month excl. VAT

facturé annuellement, $220

Get my photos


  • 10 photos for redesign (furnishing, renovating, exterior, decluttering...)
  • 160 projections (16 per room)
  • No commitment
  • Commercial use
  • 1 individual license

Agency / Team

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How does it work?

Simply send a photo of the room to be redecorated, indicate the chosen room, and select a decoration style from those offered. We take care of the rest.

Is it possible to add decoration to an empty apartment?

Yes, furnishing an empty room without changing the walls is one of our features.

In which cases should I use IACrea?

When you want to see a room with new decoration, furnish a room, redo an exterior, declutter a space, get decorating inspirations, need to visualize changes quickly, or want to build confidence with potential buyers or sellers.

Can I stop the subscription at any time?

Yes, you can stop your subscription at any time with just a click from your 'Subscription' section in the client area.

Is it possible to use IACrea on the phone during a visit?

Yes, since IACrea is an online service, you can use it from your phone and take photos directly from our mobile site.

Are exteriors included?

Yes, IACrea can embellish a garden, a terrace, a water pool. And even make the sky blue.

Are the results reliable?

IACrea performs excellently when the photos are 'clear' for artificial intelligence (i.e., empty rooms or easily recognizable objects). However, the technology might sometimes misinterpret the reference photo and produce results not faithful to reality. We constantly work to perfect the projections but can't guarantee perfect results. If errors persist after several tries, it's likely the photo is misinterpreted. We suggest retaking the room from another angle. Note that the number of photos included is intentionally high to compensate for potential detection errors.

Are there multiple styles of decoration possible?

Yes, several themes are already offered (modern, Scandinavian, industrial, minimalist, seaside, etc.). Feel free to make suggestions for other requests at: contact@iacrea.com

Can I commercialize my images?


I have specific needs, can you meet them?

You can contact Pauline at the following address: contact@iacrea.com