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Constance L.
Constance L.

New Features and Tutorials on IACrea

Content of the June 2023 newsletter:

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Welcome to our latest newsletter from IACrea, your go-to solution for real estate visualization. We are excited to share with you the latest advancements and tutorials that will transform your real estate experience.

AI-Powered Virtual Furnishing

Our virtual furnishing tool has been enhanced with new innovative methods.

360 Virtual Tours: Home Staging from a Photo

Transform a simple equirectangular photo into an enriched virtual tour of the property after renovation.

Simplify Your Space with Our Decluttering Tool

Our decluttering feature allows you to clean up your images in a few clicks. Simply select the elements to remove.

Realistic Projection from a Drawing or 3D Plan

Project yourself from a plan. The principle is the same as with a photo; the room must be presented frontally.

Facade Renovation Made Easy

Extend your creativity to the outdoors with our new facade renovation feature. A powerful tool for visualizing changes.

Image Quality

Previously, only 512 resolution was offered. Now, it is possible to obtain a 768 resolution and use an additional feature from the menu to make it HD.

IACrea is open to partnerships and offers demonstrations and trials upon request.

For this, an email address: contact@iacrea.com.

IACrea is a French company that strives to be close to its users and is constantly improving thanks to your feedback. Send us your comments and suggestions by writing to contact@iacrea.com.

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Constance L.
Constance L.
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Constance L.
Constance L.